We are extremely proud to offer a true enterprise level clustered hosting solution to our clients.

This technology has changed the hosting industry. 

Our hosting solution is the best you can find under $500 dollars per month, period.

Instead of your site sharing a SINGLE server with MANY other sites, you site is on a cluster of MANY servers.  If your site is under a high load or becomes extremely popular, the cluster automatically gives your site the power of MANY servers. 

This is crucial in today's social bookmarking environment when any site can instantly receive millions of hits.  Simply watch the frontpage of many social sites like digg and reddit to see how many of the old style hosts fail over and over as they cannot handle the traffic.  Don't let this happen to you.

Usually, your site is sharing with many other sites... If one of those sites has a memory leak or becomes very popular it can crash your server and bring your site and all the other sites on that host offline.  It happens more than you would think.

With our host. Your sites NEVER go down. Period. 100% uptime.  This is new technology that changes everything. 

Our clustered solution will even out perform a dedicated host at 1/10th the cost.  Many sites pay over $200 dollars per month to have a host all their own... But how can a single server compete with a cluster of many servers?  It can't.  Period.  A single computer is still prone to failure.  A network of computers can endure a single hardware failure.

Compare our services at $25 per month to any other hosting at any price.... We offer:

  •   100% Network Uptime
  •   Fully managed service
  •   24/7 tech support via live chat and optional 24/7 telephone support for an extra $3 dollars per month
  •   Enterprise email with AJAX webmail and email account management. Enterprise spam and virus protection included. Unlimited email accounts.
  •   Fully managed backups
  •   Denial of Service (DOS) Mitigation
  •   Redundant Load Balancers and Firewalls

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